Positioning is the new framing 

Field recording


Thanks to the use of an SDI cable it is possible to get a live 3D preview from the OZO which can be shown on a laptop.

By means of a preview on the DK2 (15fps live view), you can directly look at the images from the perspective of the camera.

Due to the latest software and firmware update, we can also operate and monitor the camera completely wireless! 

We can also provide a field recorder in order to review your take on the most remote location you can imagine.


Studio recording


We will work with a Mac Pro (6-core / 2xD700) in combination with the DK2*  (30fps live view) for recordings whereby we have access to a 230VAC connection.
With the DK2* it is possible to watch the images live from the perspective of the camera with 30fps.


With the help of an external recorder, it is possible to instantly playback the recorded take.

An onset review is also possible in a CV1!

Along with a professional spectrometer we are able to provide a CSV file with the most accurate colour  measurement to implement on your raw data

Post production

The raw content can be handed over to the client
This way you keep the stitching process in your own 
hands, in order to have more control and save on your postproduction budget. 
We can guide you through this process.


OZO The exceptionally good software program an stitch algorithm of the highest quality.  
Pass through Creator has 
stitch lines with confidence!

OZO Creator is made available by Nokia and up to V1.51 this is free of charge.

It is also possible that we deliver the stitched 3D images which enable
you to focus on the edit only.  



We did camerawork for:



Colour management is always important. 
Not only when we are filming fashion but also for skin tones.


To get the best possible results, both our set and our studio monitors are calibrated.

With the use of a spectrometer, we measure on set not only the colour temperature but even more important, the colour wavelengths.

Before we start stitching, the measured data will then be applied as a CSV file to the OZOraw files.
This workflow will provide you with the best possible start you can get. 

10 bit 
When exporting to EXR or DPX you will get files with a 10bit colour depth.


This way we apply the most accurate colour management possible on set.
This is a workflow that no 360camera other than the Nokia OZO can achieve.